Thursday, September 03, 2009

B Deadly

Deadly as in one of the seven deadly sins. One of those being lust. Don't worry this isn't going to get to be an uncomfortable blog but more a descriptions of everything I am lusting after for Fall. Lust is described in the dictionary as
"LUST [luhst] -noun: a passionate or overmastering desire or craving"
 Its officially Septmeber and although in my climate the weather isn't changing but in other parts everyone is switching out their flip flops for boots and sun dresses for wool jackets. Designers Fall collections are popping up in stores and it is killing me to see all my favorite things available for purchase. My inspiration for beginning to write this blog was when i stumbled upon the wonderful Rebecca Minkoff's laptop case! Can you believe how appealing cases are becoming these days? I admit that when I first bought my macbook (I'm a Apple lover, more later..) that I first bought a Juicy Couture laptop case. I was young everyone.. let it go. But how grown up and sophisticated but trendy is Rebecca Minkoff's? I'm in love and definitely planning a procedure of action in obtaining this beautiful case.

This Fall is all about leather, metal and cashmere for me. I am still going through my obsession with gold jewelry and metals. Thankfully for me they are still in fashion. Everywhere you look this Fall you can't go without seeing studs or an exposed zipper. Hard metals are no longer for the bands in the eighties. But don't be scared you don't have to go hardcore and lose your girly details to embrace the hard metal studs. Ruffles is a great way to keep your girly side present. Booties were around last season but I really hope more people embrace them! I absolutely adore these booties by Elizabeth and James 'Lola' Ruffle bootie. I am a major girly girl, yes I can get casual but the ruffles did it in for me and these shoes. I can see myself now wearing my Elizabeth and James booties carrying my laptop (in the Rebecca Minkoff case, duh!).

Ruffles aren't enough for you? Add Cashmere! What women doesn't love cashmere? My favorite part of Fall is wearing cashmere socks under my boots. They are the most comfortable socks you will ever own.  Another great way to wear cashmere? A wrap sweater. Wrap sweaters are the most comfortable and versatile item you could have in your wardrobe. They are great to travel with when you need some extra warmth. To incorporate my obsession of leather and metals this fall with my cashmere I am dying for the Tory Burch belt shown above! Almost resembles the black belt Carrie wore in Sex and the City The Movie over and over again so what's not to love. I can't wait to try it over my cashmere sweater to still show off some what of a waist.

And last, bracelets! bracelets! bracelets! I honestly wish I had longer arms so I could wear more and more bracelets. I can't begin to count the number of gold bracelets I have in my jewelry collection. But as you know how the saying goes "I have a jewelry box full of nothing to wear!" Rebecca Minkoff's collection is getting better and better. I was first introduced to this designer when I fell in love with her Morning After Bag about 3 years ago. I carried that thing everywhere, even to Europe and back and I cannot wait until her new bracelets come out! The I love the double wrap around look and all the different colors. You can still where plenty of color in Fall, and keep the edge with hard metals!

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