Friday, September 25, 2009

B Wanderlust

If you are like me packing for a trip is one of the hardest tasks. I change my outfit almost 3 times in the morning before I go back to my original outfit so when packing I have to compensate for that. An even harder task for me though is what to wear on the plane? You want to be comfortable as if you are wearing sweats but chic enough to walk right into Barney's and do some shopping.

To be chic on an early AM flight isn't as hard as it sound. Comfort is key but keeping it to a minimum is also important. The last thing you want to be is that person in security taking 10 minutes to go through the detector because you have too many accessories you need to take off. First, wear your most comfortable jeans. Not your skinny goal jeans ladies. You'll be sitting for a few hours and the last thing you want is to cut off your circulation be worried about falling out on the airplane.

Being comfortable on a airplane is sometimes hard to do. And if you are like me, you cant' stand those paper blankets but airplanes do get cold so you need to prepared. Please do not pack your own fleece blanket, instead opp for a cardi wrap. For those slow ones that means a cardigan/wrap. Comfortable, feels like you are wearing a blanket and even better wrinkle resistant! I sound like my mother a little bit, but wrinkle resistance is a miracle worker! Be thankful we aren't living in the 50s and the only way to gain wrinkle resistance is polyester. BCBG just debuted their 'Bon Voyage' collection
"Designed for distinguished travel, the Bon Voyage collection offers easy, versatile pieces that keep you looking chic throughout any journey."
 I could have simply just plopped up their collection right here and told you to buy everything! But really how fun is that? But like they say their Signature Cardi-Wrap is a travel must have! Keep a simple tee underneath, remember chic can be simple. Something important to remember- Don't wear a shaggy tee with holes just because you are wearing something over it, you'll need to take off the cardi-wrap in security!

Since now a days you practically need to undress at security, wearing easy comfortable shoes is a necessity. So those hot boots you bought last season that take you 5 minutes to lace up and pull off is a don't. I like to wear closed toe shoes on airplanes because there are usually vents down low so ballet flats are a perfect match. Chloe's belted leather flats are perfect for giving me a little detail but staying simple.

Some of you may be thinking "wow this outfit is boring" but this is just the time to pop in some color with your handbag! Besides jsut color remember you'll need to fit all your plane essentials in this handbag. Personal items, book, ipod, and laptop which makes it a little more tricky. Our travel is all based around security so make sure your laptop is easy to get to. That is why I love Tory Burch's 'Nico' quilted patent leather tote. The long satchel strap allows you to wear it cross body and style and slipping your laptop in and out is simple!

Just one more thing will keep you organized and getting to your plane on time. Marc by Marc Jacob's 'Croq of Q' Travel Wallet. Travel wallets are such a great idea, I always feel lost as to wear to keep my boarding pass once passed TSA. The travel wallet is wide enough to hold on traveling essentials. And who says your wallet and purse have to match? I love contrasting colors in handbag and wallets. Gives more of a surprise when pulling out your wallet to make a purchase at the news stand.

It's easy to look chic on an airplane. There are no excused to look haggard once you arrive at your destination. Just be sure to keep it simple and remain to function. Remember where you are traveling to and what you will need to get through to arrive. Now no one has ever looked so good being wanderlust.

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