Monday, September 14, 2009

B Inspired

All week I have been wishing I was in New York City for fashion week. Tonight was the first night I could pretend I was in NYC with the Phoenix premier of The September Issue. For those of you who have been living underneath a rock Anna Wintour is the legendary Editor In Chief of American Vogue. She has been best known for her 'ice' like personality and not giving interviews. All this changed when R.J. Cutler asked her simply if he could film a documentary around her. He claims her got her to agree by just asking.

The documentary follows Anna Wintour and her team during production of The September Issue. Every year 13 million fashion followers anxiously wait for the distribution of the September issue. Wintour hand picks everything in the issue and chooses what those 13 million viewers are to wear the next season. It was amazing to see in the documentary the power that Anna Wintour had. The CEO of Neiman Marcus in the film asks Anna to encourage the designers to work on their production so that they can sell to the demanding market. He asked because he knows the power she has. Can you even imagine having Karl and Oscar dialed in on your recent call lists?

As I said earlier Anna Wintour is known for her ice cold character. I began to understand all the work she really does have to do in this $300-billion industry. You can't hold every designers hand and tell them that it will be okay. It is her job to push the limits which is why she is known for being the most influential editor in history. She saw the wave of celebrity status before anyone else. She pushed the limits and raised the bar for all future fashion.

Another great insight the documentary gave was a look at the unique relationship between Anna Wintour and Vogue Creative Director Grace Coddington. It was inspiring to watch Grace Coddington work through all her layouts for the September issue. She put her all in it and cared enough to work hands on with every shoot. It was almost emotional for me to watch her be in Paris watching the couture shows. I, myself, having suppose to be in Paris in no less than just 12 days was jealous. Grace Coddington has been going to Paris for the past 40 years regularly if not more. It was a breath of fresh air to see her still appreciate the history that the city represents. At one moment in the film she mentions that a friend of hers told her "don't ever close your eyes in the car, you don't ever want to miss inspiration". There is inspiration all around us. Whether you are inspired by fashion or think it is "amusing" as to what we are consumed in. We are all inspired by different things which is what makes it all beautiful.

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