Saturday, October 31, 2009

B Spooked

It's not a secret that Halloween is not my favorite holiday but if I would've seen this Tory Burch pumpkin earlier I would have definitely gotten in the spirit! After some last minute inspiration I searched the web to find 3 different costumes of 3 very worthy charachters to dress up as this halloween!

Queen B is set to rule another night on Hallow's eve. Blair Waldorf is a character that is dressed to tee and never has an accessory out of place. All of Blair's costume can be found on and just don't be scared to mix patterns while of course her signature headband can not be misplaced.

Who hasn't tried dressing up as Carrie Bradshaw since Sex and the City's debut in 1998? If you saw the recent glamour issue in the last year of Emma Stone dressing up as whoever Carrie then you too looked at it and wanted to be fashion icon. This skirt is iconic during the series and very hard to replicate though I got lucky on with this is Issac Mizrahi skirt. With just a few alterations and killer shoes you are ready to be Carrie.

The first Halloween inspiration I had was from Regis & Kelly and their Rachel Zoe spoof! Kelly was as always hilarious and reenacted Rachel to a tee. A fur vest is essential to be bananas and any oversized accessories work all found on Have a boy sidekick? Get him to throw on a bow tie and metallic dress shoes, Brad and Rachel will be to die for this Halloween!

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