Friday, September 03, 2010

B Answered: What shoes to wear for traveling?

Who's that person you call when you're on the verge of a fashion disaster? I have a few secret ones up my sleeve and cherish their input when I am lost in my full closet. That's why I feel honored when friends and family call screaming "FASHION CRISIS". This came to me two ways yesterday. First from my sister and then from a reader.

My sister quickly e-mailed me pictures (we're up on technology my family) and we soon decided, yep that's the one. I'm pretty sure she hanged up pleased with her decision. Then came my reader Danya who commented asking for help finding comfortable shoes for her trip to Europe this month (jealous!). Well I'm a visual person and love options so I thought I'd write this post to her and anyone else who needs great shoe options for shoe traveling.

Comfort is key when traveling where walking is involved but you don't have to wear your Nikes. I personally love how Jeffrey Campbell flats fit. The leather stretches well enough that will convert to your foot. I just purchased these last month loving how they incorporated this fall's military trend.

Traveling to Europe during fall deserves a good pair of flat boots. For everyday tourist/shopping I prefer ones that look a bit more ragged. When I travel I hate looking like a tourist so I try my best to fit the style so everything besides my foolish giddy grin doesn't blow my cover. These Steve Maddens are a great color and have the right detail with the red zipper down the back. Already distressed boots will be easier to pack as you won't have to worry about marking your leather!

And hey, you're traveling. Don't be that tourist wearing sneakers in the fancy restaurant because you were worried about comfort. I'm loving these Vince Camuto Corset suede pumps in charcoal because they are a versatile color other than black. They'll be a great pair of heels for you to dress up when the europe sun goes down.

Danya, I hope this answered your question! And to any other readers feel free to comment or tweet me and ask whatever "FASHION CRISIS!" you may have. I'll do my best to answer. xox B


Stylelista Confessions said...

jeffrey campbell flats are the perfect choice!!!

danya said...

Thank you so much! I've never owned a pair of Jeffrey Campbell shoes before. Are they generally true to size? I'm between a 7 and a 7.5. I guess I should run down to Nordstrom.

Thanks again! Are three pairs of shoes good for three weeks? I always pack way too many shoes.

B said...

For 3 weeks I'd probably pack another pair of flats. The shoes above definitely fit true to size. I am between both those sizes too and got a 7.5.

And you can never pack too many shoes :) I brought 5 to Seattle last weekend! Have an amazing trip!

Lindsay said...

loving this post! I WANT those steve madden boots! I'm deciding between those or Frye this fall!

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