Monday, August 16, 2010

B Converted: My gel nail experience

Before the last weekend started I received my first gel manicure. I wanted to wait to write this post so that I could give you a real review of my experience. It's been five days and my nails are still as in tact as the day I was manicured.

                                                                      Day One                                                                                               Day Four

One of my favorite bloggers, Emily of Cupcakes and Cashmere shared with her readers about her gel nail experience and that is where my curiosity began. I had also been hearing raves about a local nail salon in my area from my closest friend. So I thought what a great way to kill two birds with one stones.

Great design is the way to any woman's heart. When the place looks good they will feel good in it and Sundrops Nail Spot was adorable. Right away I walked in and it was everything its pictures showed it to be. Sitting myself down on a lucite chair (I wanted to take it with me) I found myself even more excited for my nails.

The gel nail will last up to 14 days and has the promise that it won't ruin your nails. The gel polish needs to be applied and dried with an UV lamp after each coat. I only got a 8 color choices varying mostly in the coral and pink hues with one black which was a bit disappointing with the nail color collection I own. Though the manicurist let me know though that they'd be receiving a new fall nail color collection from the CND (the shellac gel polish company) shortly.

I highly recommend gel polish to anyone who worries about chipped nails. Beware to the girls though that like to change your nail polish daily. The gel polish takes some soaking time in acetone before being polish free but well worth the perfect manicure every day (for 14 that is).

You can visit here for a salon locator that uses Shellac gel polish.


Lindsay said...

wow they look great!!! I can't wait to get mine next week!!

Gianna said...

Got mine today right after I read your blog! They look great. Can't wait to see how they hold up with my hectic week ahead!

B said...

Gianna, that's so awesome! I can't wait to try OPI's no chip polish too! Thanks for the tip :)

Andria Lindquist said...

Saweeeeet you have me all excited for my first one of these mani's. I just have to find one in Seattle STAT. After this weeked (4 shoots) I think my pretty little fingers will be ready for a treat! Thanks for the pics too! Your hands look like whitneys. Whoa, must be cuz your sisters.

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