Friday, August 27, 2010

B Creative: Reader's polyvore contest entries

I'm excited for today as this is the first time my readers have been involved on my blog. Just a few days ago I posted about Polyvore's mini editor contest to win $1000. One thousand dollars! The wish lists on Just B could become reality. And since I have such creative readers I wanted to share a few of my favorites thus far with a bit of my own commentary.

By alinicham. Eclectic style is always changing. This one is hopeless romantic nerd meets military structure. Adore.

By KETSKA. Gaga for the leather shorts and brocade blazer.

By danyalee. I'm glad they found Alexander Wang's leopard booties as breathtaking as I do.

By Ketsy. Kate Spade clutch, Chanel nail polish and your heart worn on your sweater. How could you not love!

Keep creating your own style sets here and I might just have to post more favorites!

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