Thursday, August 05, 2010

B Honored: All hail McQueen

Almost five months ago I wrote this blog about the tragedy that hit the fashion industry. A young Alexander McQueen had left us by his own will. So many have already done their part to remember him and more are continuing to do so. Among many memorial books is Alexander McQueen A Genius of a Generation. The book depicts his most influential designs and are reminded of his brilliance.

Along with books are coming nail polish inspired by the young designer. Butter London created a polish named 'All Hail McQueen'. The color is subtle and changes in different lights. Somewhat reflecting McQueen's famous hologram of Kate Moss. This is my new favorite color on my nails. It is the perfect mix between nude and taupe that are both very trendy on nails right now.

I loved the packaging Butter London sent my polish in. Simplicity.

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