Tuesday, August 17, 2010

B Deceived: Handbags in disguise

Image via Ascot Friday blog
I enjoy when designers play with their work. Taking something simple and turn it into an novelty item. When some first see Kate Spade's book clutch they think what it may be is nothing but just a vintage book. But Kate Spade has become clever with her design and created the great vintage book covers a bright bold accessory.

Along with Kate Spade, Yves Saint Laurent is also having fun with design. I wish I could have this wallet mailed out to me right away.

And even some Etsy shops are getting in on the fun.


Ariane said...

I'm pretty sure I NEED that YSL wallet.


Sarah Klassen said...

I love how cheeky these are! Would love to get my hands one one :)

Hope you're having a fabulous week,


Lisa said...

Oh these are so clever!

Mah Monday said...

I agree, these are too cute. The Kate Spade book clutch is impressive.

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