Thursday, August 12, 2010

B Nesting: Home decor wish list

I rearrange my furniture in my bedroom at least once a month. Many say I'm nuts but its something about creating a new space that is exciting and refreshing. I have lived in my home for almost three years and a true creative will say a space is never done. Because once the project may appear finished, it is time to recreate again. While I'm not sure if I'll start these projects too soon before graduation as the chances of changing locations is rising but doesn't stop me from finding inspiration and creating a future home wish list.

Lucite chair: I always see photos of well decorated bedrooms and there is one common thread. A lucite chair in the Louis style. 

Latte bowls from Anthropologie. I wish I knew 5 years ago when I moved into my first apartment how important your dishes were and how trendy the could be. I love all dishes from Anthropologie. They give your food character.

Cork board wall. I love cork boards and get so sad when one runs out of space. This would solve my problem for some time then I'd move on to the next wall.

Mirrored dresser. Mirrored chair. Mirrored desk. I love all classics mirrored. Regardless of what you may think I don't like them to look at myself all day. Something about a mirrored furniture piece gives instant interest and luxury.

And I'll just take the outdoor dining room please complete with cheese and wine.


Unknown said...

Obsessed with this post. I'll take all of these things delivered to my house please :)

Design Fixation said...

I agree with your thoughts on mirrors; they are an easy way to add a luxurious feel. I've been seaching for the perfect mirrored tray to hold my perfume bottles....

B said...

I found a great mirrored tray at Target for just $30 a few months ago and always find a few there every once and awhile. Not the best quality but looks amazing on my book shelf! :)

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