Monday, August 02, 2010

B Resourceful: Blackout - What's a blogger to do?

A blogger can be described as many things. But one thing that makes a blogger different than a writer is the web and their computer. So how do you blog when your laptop goes black?

I learned this lesson the hard way on Saturday. Here I am taking a break from the typical activities, watching Mad Men when suddenly my screen goes black. With a quick trip to the apple store and a mild fight with the genius behind the bar I was to find that I'd be MacBook free for 4 days. Four days! I had blogs to write and photos to edit, this wasn't going to work. Thankfully there are some ways to beat the system and this is how you're reading this post.

1. Go vintage. Also known as use your old computer that sadly got pushed under the bed. It's amazing how quick Apple gives us new updates and this is the reason why we stack up on computers, they really are geniuses. While this computer still works and has wi-fi I am lost without adobe or my firefox customized bookmarks.

2. Write by hand. Does anyone do this anymore? I always write my blog ideas by hand if my iPhone isn't near but this is almost back to primitive times. My hand hurts already...

3. iPhone apps. If you are a blackberry holder... you're screwed. Just kidding! I'm sure theres something up that sleeve along with bbm but for us iPhone users don't go further in this post without downloading 'BlogPress'. This app allows you to write/edit/post on your blog from anywhere with a connection. It has saved me more than a few times when I find a typo after I've already stepped away from my desk.

4. Back it up. No, this is not a dance move. Back up your files, all the time, continuously, never forget. There was a time where I thought this only was a dance move because I was stupid and paid for it in lost pictures and files. Now this baby holds my life and is in my top 5 "what would you grab in a fire" list.

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