Monday, August 02, 2010

B Surprised: Mama's pound cake

As I walking through the mall I stumbled upon a sale at Williams-Sonoma. Seemed like a dream come true after Friday's post. But even though I didn't find anything on my list at the time I did score some great baking pans on sale. A great pan can go a long way and will be all the difference in your baking. While the decorative pound cake pans weren't on sale I settled on a the 1 1/2 pound loaf pan like this one. Perfect for breads and my choice, pound cake.

I have never baked anything in my oven longer than 30 minutes but I am glad I followed the recipe. The pound cake turned out perfect. As the top did burn, it was necessary to get cooked all the way throughout. You will cut the top off anyways to make the slices even. Pound cakes remind me of brunches and tea parties, try this recipe from Paula Deen (she knows what she's doing). Who knows who you'll surprise...

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