Thursday, August 26, 2010

B Escaping: From the desert to the pacific northwest

Today I am escaping the desert heat to enjoy a weekend back in my roots of the pacific northwest. I've been craving fall weather and realistically won't get it for another couple months. Insert Seattle.

I got giddy last night dusting off my old fall favorites hiding behind the tank tops and sandals. Packing was seamless considering I didn't have to fit it all in a carry on this trip.

Elizabeth & James, Jeffrey Campbell and Jimmy Choo are all coming on the trip! (Nike too.. workout hopes.)

What's a trip without Rebecca?

Ever wonder what those cotton drawstring bags are inside your new handbag? Well they aren't laundry bags... they're dust bags! Use them to protect your clutch or totes when packing and when stored away.

I always save jewelry pouches I have received from anywhere to pack my jewelry. All rings can go in one package when more delicate necklaces will go in their own to avoid tangles.

I always pack my favorite things and like to have options because you never know what mood you'll be on your trip. Am I right? I think so... As long as the weather forecast hasn't done me wrong them I'll be perfectly freezing in 65 degrees.

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