Wednesday, August 25, 2010

B Excessive: Pile on the cheaper jewels

I have this habit lately of walking into a Forever 21 or H&M and buy nothing but an overload of accessories. I'm not looking for anything special, don't have an outfit to accessorize, I just want something to stick out. And that's typically what ends up happening. I have gotten lucky on my last few trips and have found some great finds that are unique and inexpensive.

Shopping at a mass produced store like these can be overwhelming and not everyone's preference. Through my searches I have carried a few tips that help finding those extra special pieces that people ask where you got it!

1. If you think it looks cheap. Other people will think it's cheap. Look for intricate detail and great shine when it comes to stones. Finishes will rub off so if you see that it is already going think if it works with the design before purchasing.

2. While you don't want it to look cheap, reality is that it is. Fake gold can rub off on your fingers and make that ugly black or green mark. To avoid this, paint the inside of the ring with nail polish clear coat. It will protect your finger for at least a few repairs!

3. Wear it someway new. The greatest part of inexpensive jewels is that you can recreate them in different ways. If a necklace pendant is on a chain you don't like.. get rid of the chain! If a ring is just a bit too big fold over a few pieces over of tape and tape on the inside. I did this for a ring I wanted to wear on my pinky finger.

4. Understand you are wearing cheap jewelry. Mass produced accessories aren't meant to be kept forever. It is all about that old phrase "you get what you pay for". In this case, understand that if it breaks... you wore it out the best. But if you really love something just buy 2 (you can afford it at these prices!)

5. Look for unique pieces. My favorite new piece is my camera ring. It is unexpected and a playful detail that isn't over the top.


Christi said...

great tips! i love wearing jeans, tank/tshirt and a fun necklace.

danya said...

i have no idea how i found your blog, but i did, and i love it. lots of useful tips. thanks!

B said...

Christi... so glad you commented. I just took a look at your blog and I love it! I can tell I'll be trying a recipe soon.

Danya, thank you so much for finding me! I hope you continue to enjoy :)

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