Friday, April 22, 2011

B Conscious: Earth day beauty

Can I first start off this post with telling you how much I love paper? I love cardboard. I buy post-its by the handful to write frivulous notes that may end up in the trash. So with all that I do care about the environment. I think it is even better for our own bodies the turn in the cosmetic industry that has begun to recognize natural ingredients. The products below are either organic, natural or energy efficient by their way and will all do earth day proud. If you still aren't satisfied by your contribution to the planet then may I please endorse the Water Bobbles one more time? I'm obsessed and have never drank so much water. (See here)
1. Phsyicians Formula organic wear 100% natural origin jumbo mascara
2. Paul Mitchel express ion dry
3. Boscia purifying cleansing gel (use everyday and love.)
4. Suki Inch exfoliate foaming body cleanser
5. Sula paint and peel duos
6. RMS beauty cream eyeshadow

Now I'm boarding a plane to share Easter weekend with my family, don't lecture me on carbon footprints please.

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Corie said...

You have such a cool blog. Love the DIYs. I'm def gonna try some.

You so have a new fan on board.


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