Monday, April 25, 2011

B Picked: Eos lip balm

It has been an eventful and busy weekend in Seattle with a couple days of sun and now a couple of rain the weather is playing games with us. Before I left for my trip I took a quick trip to the beauty store and picked up my new favorite lip balm. With its odd shape as a round ball the application is quick and easy without leaving leftover residue. Eos lip balm comes in a handful of flavors. I was first attracted to the lemon but was talked into the mint which is subtle and perfect to condition your lips. And I don't believe in just owning one flavor so another trip is in the works to try the others!
And just because it's Monday...
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aflwef;lg said...

I bought the orginal pink one from Rite Aid about a year ago, and I found that it did not work well, despite all my friends raving about it. I bought another one a few months back (just to see if anything has changed) and still no lip-lovin'. Maybe it's just the flavor? Or maybe it's just me? I don't know...

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