Tuesday, April 26, 2011

B Listed: What makes you happy

Headed back to the desert today a bit earlier than planned no thanks to my flight being quickly cancelled.  I feel as if today is the beginning of my week and it will be an emotional roller coaster continuing on my post graduation path and saying goodbye to an old friend moving across the country. But when I get overwhelmed I have just began to make a list of things that make me happy.

1. Homemade belgian waffles
2. Gifted flowers
3. Drive in movies
4. Sweet notes
5. Reminders
6. Home facials
7. Colored pencils
8. Cucumber water

What makes you happy?

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all images via weheartit


the secret of fashion said...

The first picture looks so yummy! What me makes happy? The sun, flowers everywhere, happy people, the beach, a summer song, wearing my sunglasses and eating pancakes or icecreams!xx

vee said...

love the quote! family is what makes me happy.

nic said...

I am SO in love with your blog. it's absolutely phenomenal. Thank you for inspiring,xx

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