Wednesday, April 13, 2011

B Thankful: Anthropologie mini latte bowls

It was a week ago when I received a package on my doorstep after coming home from Seattle. It was a graduation gift from a good friend turned blogger bff. I thought I could tweet or facebook her but thought writing a blog post and showing her how I'm using the gift is more fitting! Hope you approve Katie (plug: see her blog Being 5 here).

They are the Anthropologie mini latte bowls she once had a giveaway with that I desperately wanted. Not for ice cream (who eats that little of ice cream) but as catch all bowls around my room. They are the perfect size to hold a polish I want to wear next or catch my studded earrings in a place where I can see them without losing. Placed a couple in my bathroom and one perfectly on my bed night stand to hold my studs for when I remove them to sleep. Thanks Katie for the perfect gift!


katie. said...

My own Just B post! So honored! :) Glad you like the bowls -- I just had to! Hopefully soon you can use them for a key to a shoebox sized NY apartment. xoxo.

A said...

That is exactly what I use mine for! Plus an Anthro plate for my watches and current necklaces/bracelets!

Kassey Rich said...

Oh I love these...think I may have to steal this idea!! all mine are sitting in a metal box that a watch came in! very cute!

Nomadic D. said...

these bowls are so cute! I have a weakness for multi-colored ice cream bowls, and these are like the mini version!

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