Friday, April 29, 2011

B Ready: My everyday beauty

I don't wash my hair or wear make up everyday. Some circumstances I am just fine with walking out the door with pulled up hair and freshly washed face (thank goodness messy buns are in). But that doesn't mean I skip some every day beauty products. Whether they're in my purse or put on before I'm ready for the day, its never good if I miss these essentials.

1. L'OCCITANE Shea Hand Cream
2.C.O. Bigelow Original No. 502 Mentha Lip Shine
3. MAC Bronzing Powder ~Golden
4.  Flowerbomb Eau De Toilette Spray
5. Frederic Fekkai Classic Brush
6. Bobby pins
7. Donna Karan Cashmere Mist Deodorant
8. Lots and lots of water


Daniela said...

i´m totally in love with messy buns !! easy and good looking at the same time.

Kelly said...

Love the lip shine and lots of water!! :)

Anonymous said...

Love messy buns, too. But isn't "bronzing powder" makeup?

B said...

To anonymous- You're right bronzer is considered make up! Sometimes I will just put a bit on my cheek to brighten up my face but still leave without the whole make up routine :) I guess I cheat...

Bianca Jade said...

L'OCCITANE is my favorite! Oh god, totally part of my everyday beauty. Oh and a little secret, I've found that the face moisturizer that they make for newborns+moms works amazing since its extra gentle and leaves your skin literally feeling like a babies. Xo! great blog

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