Wednesday, April 06, 2011

B Healthy: Introverts and bobbles

For a long time I thought I was an extrovert or at least that is what I listed myself as. I based this on the fact that I liked to have good friends and enjoyed being social but then I realized where I get my energy from, my self. I am indeed a homebody. I can get out of my cage and be social but it takes me a bit of time to show it. This hit me when I took a personality test in high school and whoa, realized I am actually introverted. I found this Introvert Treatment saying during my pinning this weekend and could relate to every single post.
Insert water bottles bobbles. Purified water no matter where you are. Pure genius. I grew up drinking purified water. I was the kid at sleepovers that asked where the Evian is instead of getting it out of the fridge. I need a reminder to drink more water especially since the heat is going up so I hope this colorful treat will remind me to stay hydrated. They come in a number of different colors and three sizes, I bought mine here on Amazon.
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