Tuesday, April 19, 2011

B Tells: How to use a curling rod

 Long hair is rare for me. I've had long hair one another time in my life because I'd get bored and just cut it off. Now I am forgetting my need to do something different and utlizing the hair I have patiently been waiting for. My newest favorite gadget is my curling rod (I use this one). Different from a curling iron because it is ceramic and doesn't have a clamp. This gadget has saved my life and helps me get easy soft curls in under 10 minutes.

Using the curling rod is easy, just follow these steps to get the preliminary uses down.

Step one: Separate your hair into different sections. Determine your look by size of your sections. For example, small sections gives you small tighter curls, medium sections give you soft curls, large sections will give minimum wave and curl. I grabbed medium sections for this tutorial. 

Step two: Wrap hair sections around curling rod away from your face. A protective glove is provided but once you become an expert you can for go but be careful to burn tips. Determine your style by curling higher or lower of the sections. Curling the bottom half will give you less volume but still wavy curls. Pull hair completely tight around the curling rod from scalp to end to get full curl maximum.

Step three: Leave the curl as it is and continue all the other sections to allow curl to set.

Step four: Once hair is completely curled, lighting spray with your favorite hair spray. (I use this ) Then gently pull apart curls with fingers to soften curls.

Step five: You're done! Braid back bangs, add a headband or go as! Curl will last all day and you can go on the next day adding a surf spray for real messy waves.


Unknown said...

What a great tutorial! I suck at doing my hair, maybe I'll try a curling rod!

Sara said...

I got a curling rod for Christmas and have yet to use it, I am def. pulling it out of my collection of curling irons after seeing how easy it is. Love the bang braid, too cute!

Anonymous said...

I really like your blog!!!! And your hair looks fabulous.

House of Milk said...

Ok, this is cosmic... my friend/stylist JUST dropped off my new curling rod and I read this post mere moments afterwards! Thanks for the tip because I keep looking at this thing thinking "what the whaaaa??"

PS. this is my first visit to your blog, and holy cow, I am obsessed!

Anonymous said...

you are so pretty :)

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