Thursday, April 28, 2011

B Transferred: Newspaper type nails

I saw this DIY here months ago and kept forgetting about it mainly because it was in French. Well thanks to I figured it out a bit but worked on it to get it just right. It is easy and gives your nails some interest. All you need is a newspaper, light polish color, base and top coat and lastly, vodka. Yes, this gives you an excuse to open the liquor cabinet midday and if you happen to shake yourself a martini while you're at it, well done!

 Step one: Rip newspaper into one inch squares. Then apply base coat and two coats of polish to your nails and let dry.

 Step two: Dip newspaper squares into vodka

 Step three: Place onto desired nail and hold down firmly with other hand for at least 10 secs. The longer you hold and keep firm, darker the ink will transfer. Repeat on all nails.

Step four: Apply top coat and enjoy!


Rin said...

These turned out great! I have been meaning to do them i have them pinned to my bulletin board!


Ramblings with Rin

Kristin Yac said...

These look amazing! Such a fun idea! xxkristin

SAMANTHA said...

wahhh super cool!! I loveee it! thanks for posting :)


Dada said...

Wow, this is soo inspirating blog with a lot of briliant tips...must follow!! check out my

Alara Kap said...

You're so cute, good luck with everything.

zippygirlnyc said...

LOVE this, so cute!! am def gonna give it a try.

Gabrielle said...

I just discovered your blog (I saw the link on becauseimaddicted) and I LOVE it!
You will def see me around here often!

Christine Yun said...

This is such a cool, DIY project! Thanks so much for sharing. I'm definitely going to do this!


Unknown said...

i HAVE to try this out!!!


Nomadic D. said...

I posted these on my blog a while back too:

only difference is, I never actually got around to doing them... Glad someone actually tried it out!

Nevena said...

really great blog :)

Unknown said...

Cool idea!! Unfortunately I'm running low on Vodka...
I also checked out your Tumblr and Pinterest= new follower everywhere


Miyan said...

just found your blog! love it and love this newspaper nails idea! never heard of it and going to try it tomorrow and post on my blog (and link back, of course) =)


Yarden said...

I love it!
gonna try it for sure :)

Unknown said...

This is awesome!! P.S. I totally added you to my blogroll.

Unknown said...

Awesome idea (: want to try it out *.* hope you feel good ?? (: xoxo ♥

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