Saturday, April 16, 2011

B Modern: Girl needed a drink

Don't remember the last time I was at the mall on a Saturday. Was a bit scared to think what I got myself into but was happy to see it quiet. Though going on a mission with a friend we didn't exactly find what we were looking for so a cocktail break was needed. Only appropriate I sipped on a Retail Therapy containing belvedere vodka, grand marnier, strawberry, basil and lemon juice. This pink drink is definitely one to try for a special occasion or girls luncheon and how to die for are my sliders down below? I came out with no bags but definitely was treated.

Retail Therapy on the right, Pink Diamond on the left made with veev acai, Lemon, pomegranate juice and sparkling wine

Lunch was at Modern Steak in Scottsdale, AZ. Put it on your list!


Anonymous said...

Brooke have you posted anything about what to wear to a wedding? I have some coming up. Have you posted anything about wardrobe staples? This is Elie btw :)

Cindy said...

The photos look very Instagram-y... if they're not and you have no idea what I'm talking about, please ignore this part of my comment, haha.

I love the format of your blog! So many cute things full of personality. You have an awesome blog. I will definitely be reading :)

Style Soufflé

B said...

@Cindy: The photos were definitely taking with instagram! Good eye ;)

B said...

@Elie, don't ahve any posts like that but a dress at an appropriate length would be perfect!

Jessie @ Style and Pepper said...

wait, modern steak?! are you a fellow az girl?

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