Friday, July 01, 2011

B Celebrating: Holiday weekend checklist

Holiday weekend plans are still up in the air and barely confirmed but there are a few things I am sure I won't let slip by. Starting with my parent's wedding anniversary today of 33 years! They are such an encouragement and strong portrayal of what real love is. Their love story is so sweet (read short version here). And moving on from today I just want to enjoy the 4th of July weekend with all of American classics and what better than a s'more? I have to find any excuse I can to indulge in this treat! What is on your weekend checklist?


Unknown said...

i am definitely dressing patriotic! i wish i could light some sparklers, but i'll be out in the desert and its a major fire hazard! happy 4th!

Anonymous said...

you are so cute! i have no idea what i'm going to be doing for the fourth. or even what i'm going to wear!

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit you have pictured in this blog. Could you tell me where the pieces are from?? I would love to purchase them! Thank you

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