Monday, July 18, 2011

B's Guest: DIY Tie dye nails

Bonjour! While I have begun my European vacation in Paris this last weekend I have enlisted some of my blogger friends to share some great inspirations and ideas while I am away. I feel incredibly blessed to have such creative friends in the blogging community that are willing to fill in and I am happy to introduce to some of my favorite blogs. Thank you so much ladies and especially to Lauren who starts off the guest blogging with a fabulous DIY for you all! xo B

Hey everyone! My name is Lauren, from everyday to runway  and I'm so happy to be guest blogging for my blogger bff Brooke. After meeting Brooke at a fashion week event last fall, over a mutual admiration of Jeffrey Campbell (namely her Mary Rocks which I later purchased), I knew we'd be great friends. Despite living on opposite coasts our obsession with coffee, design, and of course, nail polish kept our friendship close! So when B asked me to share a post with you all while she's out having the time of her life in Europe, of course my first thought was nail polish!

I've been painting my nails rainbow, mix and match, stripes since middle school and now that the trend of nail art has exploded I've been experimenting even more. From having 'accent nails' of neons in neutral bases, or adding shatter polish or glitter to nail's edges, or my newest obsession: tie dye nails! Coming from San Francisco it's no surprise I love tie dye but when I heard about tie dye nails I knew I had to try it! Here's my way along with some tips & tricks I learned along the way...

What you'll need:
  • A disposable bowl or cup (the more shallow the better) 
  • Vaseline (or scotch tape)
  • Nail Polish remover
  • An orange stick or toothpick
  • Cotton pads
  • White polish, or a light colored base
  • Any polish you want for your look, I used three colors but you can use 2-5 polishes 

1. Paint your nails one coat of white, or a very light shade, to serve as a base. This creates richer color at the end.
2. Prep your polishes (remove brushes for easy access).

3. Smear a lot of vaseline around your cuticles and the base of your nails. The more you put on the easier it is to take the remaining polish off later. (No need to go too overboard though).

4. Put an inch of water in your bowl or cup (I cut off the top of a red cup to make it only 2" high) and then add a few drops (I used a good amount, but also chose cheap polish as to not waste my expensive polishes) of each color.
5. Take a toothpick and swirl the colors around a bit. (tip: move quickly as the polish starts drying the second it hits the water.)
6. Dip your nails into the colored water I put more than one nail in at a time in order to use less polish water. (tip: again, move quickly or else the polish will start drying around the cup and not stick to your nails).
7. Polish will be stick to your fingers, use nail polish remover to remove around the nail. Add top coat and voila, tie dye nails!

Hope you enjoyed my little dye DIY and you head over and check out the rest of my site at Everyday to Runway.

Love, Lauren

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