Monday, July 25, 2011

B's Guest: Ramblings with Rin

Buona matina! (That's good morning in Italian according to google, are you enjoying these language lessons?) We arrived in Rome yesterday and getting it all in before we're off to Florence tomorrow. So while I'm still away you get to meet Rin. I met Rin in a class last year and learned that she was a new blogger. Right away I wanted to take her under my wing because you can never have too many talented blogger friends that will write posts while you run around Europe! Seeing her grow as a blogger has been such an experience so I hope you catch on to how talented and thrifty she is because we could all (mainly me) could learn a thing or two about shopping on a budget! Thank you Rin! xo B

Hello dear readers of Just B! I am so excited to be guest blogging for B because she is the reason I am a blogger, and her blog is a place for me to find my daily dose of DIY and fashion inspiration. When B asked me to write a guest post, I was tickled with excitement and couldn't wait to write my first entry. Well, I guess it's time for introductions. My name is Rin Longo, and I am the creator of Ramblings with Rin, which is a fashion blog geared towards thrifty shoppers. I am in the final year of my fashion marketing degree at the Art Institute of Phoenix, and I have always loved to experiment and play around with fashion.

Today, I will be doing an style post for you guys. Most my outfits cost under $30 (this varies) because what would a money conscious blog be without affordable clothing!

 What I am wearing:
Shirt: Goodwill: $5
Shorts: Urban Outfitters $6
Shoes: Charlotte Russe $10
Jewelry: Assorted thrifted finds


Sara said...

You're simply adorable! :)
Don'care about what Google say, the right translation is: "Buongiorno!!!"

like Roberto Benigni in "life is beautiful", do you remember? He says: "Buongiorno, principessa!!"

Kisses from Florence!

Leya said...

cute shorts and gorgeous shoes!!


Unknown said...

Love this look! The shorts and the shoes are gorgeous!


Kibbles 'N Knits (Nancy) said...

I love this outfit - and your hair looks amazing! This outfit is a testament to treasures a person can find thrifting. Great pieces put together perfectly!

Mary Lane said...

Love this look and love that you did it on a budget! Great guest post.

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