Thursday, July 21, 2011

B Packed: Accessory basics

Accessories are easily one of the most over packed things in your suitcase. You have so many options and their small size is deceiving. For this trip I tried to pack basics then added a few extra flares for night. This is my round up of 5 classics you can't forget when going on a long trip (especially when tourist/walking is involved).
Classic white tennis shoes were a must for me on this trip because I can't get away with flat sandals (since my injury, yes it still hurts). I even bought superfeet inserts to up the support in this classic tennis shoe so that while they look classic they have a lot more walking power hidden.

Visiting some sights in Europe there are sometimes requirements of covering of your head and if you're in the hot sun then a light hat just might be what you need. My lucky hat (you'll see in photos long enough) has been a big companion for these purposes or when I don't want to brush my hair. Win win!

On my list trip to Europe I purchased a few pashminas that are the eseential of my wardrobe. Bringing my most neutral color with me so that it goes with everything and still remains to reflect Summer with a nude color tone.

This is a no brainer right? You can't forget sunglasses and my ray bans are necessary to fit under my fedora since those huge bug eye glasses set weird. I brought 3 sunglass options on the trip: Ray-bans, Marc by Marc Jacobs and a pair under $10 depending on our activities.

Lastly, the large crossbody bag. This bag has been my best friend since I hurt my foot in January. Carrying my laptop and everything I need while on crutches and now being the perfect travel accessory. The soft leather is easy to pack and push into small crevices!

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