Friday, July 08, 2011

B Packing: Travel ready

This next week is going to be all about my upcoming trip to Europe. I am beginning to write my checklist and start to get organized so I pack the perfect suitcase. My biggest concern is packing all my hair products that are in huge bottles and save my hair every day. I found a great site named 3 Fl Oz that sells tons of products that are travel ready for you. Along with designer hair products in travel size they also have their own products such as Help Remedies. Small packages of pills you may need on your trip, I'm in love with the packaging and clever phrases "Help, I have a blister". Do you have any travel tips?


Kate said...

I recommend purchasing a hidden waist wallet to put extra cash, passport, and other essentials. You wear it discretely under you clothing. Mine helped me feel extra secure when navigating my way through busy European train stations with a massive backpack strapped onto me. Here's one for $12 from REI:
Hope your trip is the greatest! Love your blog!

Amy said...

I'd never heard of 3 Fl Oz.... but it's oh so genius! Thanks for passing it along! Good luck packing! ;)

Aureolis said...

For organized traveling I highly recommend Eagle Creek folders and containers. They come in various sizes and keep your stuff and clothes neat and save. They make traveling so easy, it´s worth investing in them. I even rate them higher then my Rimowa equipment. Happy travelling... said...

Thanks, I have used it one time and it's a great deal.

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