Thursday, July 28, 2011

B Treated: When in Italy

I can't believe that my trip is almost coming to an end. I am taking it all in and enjoying the last bit of vacation I have. I miss blogging on a regular basis so this little hello is refreshing. Is it a good sign that you miss a regular routine or is it then impossible to relax? Undecided on that one but I am enjoying disregarding my regular nutrition. Pizza, wine and gelato are becoming part of this new routine that will be hard to kick when I return to the states.


Leya said...

oh my..yummy!!! :D

Sara said...

I've just ordered a pizza right now! ^_^

Jennifer S. said...

That looks sooo good! I'm sure gelato in Italy is MUCH better than the stuff I get here in Dallas.. :)


Blicious said...

yum!!! looks delicious!


Martina Pistone said...

I'm italian girl and i've found this blog right now, it is so amazing! Compliments! sorry about my english i don't speak english very well, but i had to tell you my consideration :) I wish you the best, kiss

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