Wednesday, July 27, 2011

B's Guest: Paris streety style

Don't know what I would do without Twitter which has so easily grown my blogging network! Another guest blogger stepped in to share some Paris street style inspired by my vacation. While I'm in Florence, Italy now I will be returning to Paris on Friday to prepare for the trip home and we can't deny that Paris has some of the strongest street style!

I am Danielle of Just Dandy. I am so excited to be teaming up with Brooke today for Just B and giving you all a glimpse of some of my style I spy! A little bit about me: I like to wear clothes and sometimes I take photos of myself in them. If you enjoy lusting, loving, buying, and obsessing over fashion and style, Just Dandy is just for you! I would love for you to join me over at my blog as well and check out what I am doing! ---- Now onto some fabulous Paris Street Style

Holy color striking batman. This gorgeous street style has been taking over the streets of Paris the past couple of weeks! Have you seen these? Man, I can't get over all of this fabulous color and pattern! I am obsessing over the bold, vibrant hues, they look so fresh and right on for summer. Her are some fabulous dresses, bracelets, and heels to add some color into your everyday closet. Be bold and be neon and show others your personality!

Inspiration Outfit Details:

 I love to meet new bloggers and readers! Please drop by my blog and say ‘hello’! 
I would just love to hear from you :) Be sure to tweet me too @shopdandy


Nancy said...

I love that photo of all the ladies walking together. Stunning!

I am so excited about all those "camp crafts" from my childhood coming back into style. I've been making a bunch of friendship bracelets. Now I get to make some lanyard bracelets too. Now, where can I get my hands on a big stack of jelly bracelets...

Nicole Marie said...

i want to be wearing that in paris!

Mary Lane said...

I love all the colors! Bright colors are perfect for the summer.

Katie Mac said...

Wow, love all the looks...

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