Monday, July 11, 2011

B Picky: How to pack jewelry

Since I've began packing for my upcoming trip I have had to get creative to when it comes to packing. As much as I would like to bring all options, it is just not possible. I have learned some efficient ways to pack my jewelry and what is the best options to pack on a long distance trip.
If I had my own plane I would definitely bring my whole jewelry collection with me on a trip but unfortunately bag prices are raising and it seems I'll be carrying my own bag. When packing for a trip you don't want to over pack your jewelry because it will raise of the risk of losing and adding weight to your bag. My best tips are to bring your essentials. 

Stud earrings are the best for day because they won't get in your way and will work for all activities your trip has in store. Keep the same thoughts in mind when choosing your army candy for every day. The less that snag or are fragile the better. While choosing your night jewelry is all about making statements. Planning your outfits for a long trip packing essentials are key to keep your bag small so bringing in personality and trends through small pieces are key. Cocktail rings and bright necklaces are perfect to switch your day tourist dress into your date night.

After you've chosen your jewelry it is time to decide what is the best way to pack it. Small plastic bags you can buy at any container or craft store are great to keep your pieces from tangling with also staying within sight. If you're pieces are small, then a leather jewelry roll up might fit your pieces best. With a jewelry roll up try stowing it away within a shoe to save room!

One last way to pack your jewelry is in a craft box. Perfect custom compartments created to fit jewelry findings are great to keep your rings away from your necklaces. With the clear open box it is also easiest to see all your options before a night out!


Kate {domestikatedlife} said...

I love the idea of using a craft box to tote jewelry!

Rin said...

agreed! How have I never thought of that!!

Ramblings with Rin

Unknown said...

Great tips! I am a light packer because I hate checking bags. Plastic bags are a must so your stuff doesn't get tangled. :) The craft box is also a great idea I never considered.

Nicole Marie said...

i'm so terrible and packing jewelry. i either forgot it or throw it in my with toothbrush

Blicious said...

i always have a hard time packing my jewelry!


Rachel said...

I use one of those craft containers to store my earrings for travel AND at home. It's so easy!

Life Unsweetened

Anonymous said...

You spelled definitely incorrectly.

Contempt. said...

You spelled definitely incorrectly. I didn't even bother to read the rest of the article.

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