Friday, July 15, 2011

B Travels: Bon voyage!

It's been two years since this trip began in the planning stages and today I will be boarding a plane off to Europe. I have packed my bags with everything I think I may need and probably more. Traveling with my family I am hoping to blog while on the other side but have prepared for you posts so you won't miss out in my absence.

Our trip begins in Paris, France where I have traveled before which is fortunate considering our short time there. I know where I want to shop and which sites are great to see all with a croissant and cafe au lait in hand.

Following Paris, begins the reason for our trip with a tour of the seven churches in Turkey with our church. For the last few months my family has worked on a devotional preparing us and creating anticipation to see the ruins that still lie from centuries ago.

And what is a trip to Europe without some Italian stops along the way. Completing with a few days in Roma and Florence are just what we need to put our calorie counter over the scale. Prepare for insane amounts of pizza, pizza and pizza!

Be sure to subscribe to my tumblr feed and facebook page as I will hope to keep an iphone photo diary all along the way. Au revoir readers!

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Rachel Rose said...

Have a stupendous, adventurous trip. I just saw Midnight in Paris and I'm inspired to start planning my trip!

Unknown said...

You're going to have an amazing time!
Can't wait to read your posts, I'm just now putting my own up from my trip to Stockholm :)


Ariane said...

Bon voyage! I'm excited to hear about the trip when you return. Pick up some lovely things and show us, won't you?

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